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Christmas Cleaning Countdown

It’s official, the countdown to Christmas is on. Which means we have just weeks to get all the presents sorted, the house decorated and cards sent out. But what about Christmas cleaning? With many people getting visitors over the festive period, there’s a lot of cleaning to be done so we have put together a helpful countdown to get your home sparkling by Christmas.



The Living Room
It’s time to make room for that Christmas tree and what better place than the living room. Be sure to clear a space for the tree and give the room a thorough dusting and hoover. Unfortunately thing may need to be done twice as glitter and pieces of the tree may fall onto the floor whilst assembling.

Remember to clean the hearth and fireplace to make sure Santa doesn’t get too dirty on his way down the chimney.



Kitchen cupboards
You may have ordered all your food in advance, or leaving it to a last minute big shop. But before you stock up those cupboards it’s a good idea to have a clear out of any foods you may not use to make some room. It’s the perfect time of year to donate any non perishable items to a local food bank.

Once cleared out, give your cupboards, fridge and freezer a quick wipe down so it’s ready for all the tasty festive delights. This is also a great time to give the floor a hoover or mop.



Guest Bedrooms
If you are entertaining guests over the festive period, this is the time to prepare the bedrooms for their stay. Change all linens and give the room a thorough hoover and dusting.

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For Christmas dinner, many people bring out some fancy cutlery and crockery for the meal. Now is a great time to make sure they are still looking good after being in hibernation for the year. Give them a wash and use a towel to polish them as they try.

Make sure that you have all the essentials for a day of cooking by check if you need to replenish the kitchen roll, washing up liquid, condiments. Are you baking trays in good condition?

Finally, check if you need to do an oven clean. Some prefer to do this in the new year but with mother-in-laws snooping about, you may want it to look perfect before hand.

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Give your bathroom a quick clean, wiping down surfaces with an all purpose spray. Make sure to clean the toilet too by adding bleach to the rim of the bowl and leave to sit for 5 minutes before flushing.

Make sure that there are plenty of clean towels for any guest staying and the toilet roll is replenished.

Living Room & Dining Room

We recommend setting the dining table the evening before the big day if possible to reduce the stress on Christmas day. Make sure to have suitable mats for any hot dishes and plenty of coasters to keep your furniture clean throughout the day.


So there’s Angus Cleaning Services Christmas cleaning countdown. We hope you found it helpful. Of course, if you need any help getting your house in order this Christmas you can always call in the professionals.