arbroath cleaning tips

Streak Free Cleaning without Chemicals

Tired of a a streaky sink? So are we.

There is nothing more frustrating when it comes to giving your sink a deep clean and blotches, streaks and stubborn water spotting is left behind. Thankfully, we have a useful hack using everyday household items you are bound to find in your home.

Naturally, our instincts are to grab our cleaning sprays and wipe down the sink. However, this can sometimes cause an unwanted streaky finish. Luckily we have an easy and quick fix using only vinegar and baking soda.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Give your sink a good wipe down using a soft cloth.
  2. Grab your baking soda and create a paste by mixing it with water.
  3. Make sure your sink and drainer is covered in this paste and then give it a strong scrub on more stubborn areas.
  4. Next, be prepared to watch you sink fizz. Pour the vinegar around the areas with the paste. Vinegar naturally disinfects and allows the stubborn water stains and blotches to lift.
  5. Lastly,  using a dry cloth use this to dry and buff the sink.


cleaning tips in arbroath
arbroath cleanin tips


And voilà – a super clean and shiny sink.

At Angus Cleaning we believe you can keep a clean environment using natural and affordable products. We are always looking for methods to make your cleaning life simpler and easy but if you simply don’t have time why not call in the professionals. Call us on 01241 877667 to arrange a free no obligation quote.