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3 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Actually Good for your Health

Spring Cleaning is a term often heard and as the warm weather begins, many have thoughts of barbecues, having friends over and enjoying the summer in a nice clean, decluttered home. However, recent studies have actually shown that having a deep clean once a year can actually be good for your mental health as well! Here are 3 reasons why having that spring clean could improve your wellbeing.


Deep Cleaning helps with allergies

According to a study by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) deep cleaning your house can help to remove allergens which can be found on floors, furniture and other surfaces around the house. Often during regular cleans, harder to reach areas can be missed and dust and particles accumulate. By moving furniture, scrubbing hard to reach places and dusting out of sight surfaces (such as wardrobe tops etc) you reduce the amount of allergens you are exposed to and this can help greatly with asthma and other allergies.

A Deep Clean can reduce stress

Decluttering your house each year has been said to reduce stress and free up your mind to focus on other tasks. We all know how stressful it can be coming into a cluttered home or office, tripping over your old shoes and not knowing where to find things. Usually when we do a spring clean we tend to dispose of items that we don’t need anymore, resulting in a tidier more organised environment and this can help to alleviate stress.


Deep Cleaning reduces bacteria and the risk of getting ill

Deep cleaning encourages us to wash out those areas that we normally skip over in our regular cleans. Appliances can be covered in old crumbs, oil splatters and washing machines can be home to mould and bacteria. Cleaning these out thoroughly gets rid of the germs hiding inside and can reduce your potential to become ill.

domestic cleaning in arbroath montrose brechin


So there’s just a few reasons why doing an annual deep clean can be beneficial to you and your family’s health. Having said this we appreciate that gutting out your whole house can be time consuming which can be difficult to fit in around work and other commitments. Angus Cleaning Services offer deep cleaning for both domestic and commercial customers. Our professional teams offer deep cleaning in Arbroath, Brechin, Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Monifieth and Montrose.


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